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Yes, we are back now. I should've continued during Sembreak... anyways, it's been a while posting stories on my blog so... Let me sumerize Episode 19 (PROPERLY) then Episode 20!

So this is gonna take a loooooooong time!

Anyways, let's start with Episode 19...

Estrelleta (First narrator of the episode), returns all the weapons to their rightful owners, except for Pam and Sophia.. Which they'll get their guns until the age of 18. 

Raisa, (Second narrator) came and defended Sophia and Pam to claim their guns back. The two thanked Raisa for what she did and then Pam and Pauline started shooting target again.

Jianne approached Estrelleta to train with her since they have the same weapons. Sophia said, "Training is for BABIES!" But Reina says it's not but she says she's lazy to train.

Kinda short eh? Well yeah! That's the story of Episode 19! It's kinda short. Now, let's start with Episode 20..

Pauline reminds us about how she felt of dumping her boyfriend and reminds that she and Pam have new boyfriends. (Dave and Pam broke up.)

Pauline starts to narrate about what happened during her semester break. She says that she joined the 37th Perfect-Amber region competitions.

Gyuri, Pam, Reina and Luki prepared for the first match. While Pam was about to shower, Gyuri came out only with her towel around her. Pam tells Gyuri to wear her clothes inside the bathroom next time but Gyuri says that she wants to expose her naked body since it's just only a Ladies' Locker Room.

Later, Luki teases Pam by calling her "Mini-Gyul." Riku appears behind Luki and tells,  "Good luck, sweetie pie. Win or Lose, you're my number one and I'll treat you dinner tonight." Luki hopes that she can do her best for Riku and Riku would do the same thing for Luki too.

Gyuri, Pam, Reina and Luki made their entrance. When the bell rang, Gyuri and Luki started soaring high in the sky fighting. Luki scratched Gyuri's left eye. Later, Gyuri prepares her scissor and cut Luki's claws. (A.k.a Long Fingernails) However, Luki's claws grew back quickly and broke Gyuri's Knuckle-claws. Luki attacked Gyuri on the face and crotch, then grabbed her body higher then returned to the stadium with full power slam. Pam created a huge flame wheel around Reina and Luki, then created huge rock stalactites from the ground and attacked them. Gyuri and Pam won the match.

Later, Pauline saw the four, badly bruised. Pam reminds Pauline about her next match. Pauline wonders who will be her mystery partner of the competition. Gyuri reveals that her mystery partner would be Youricha Makino , her high school rival. Pauline wants to know more about Youricha but Pam tells her that she, Gyuri, Reina and Luki need to go to the park and they'll have to meet at the bakery.

Later, Youricha enters the locker room which created a death stare between her and Pauline for 30 seconds without saying a word. Later, Chichiro, their opponent for their match, interrupts their silence by yelling Youricha's name and hugged her. Chichiro's mystery partner, who revealed to be Alex, a close friend of Raisa in school, reminds Chichiro not to be so loud. Chichiro tells Youricha that she and Pauline are quite similar. Alex asks Youricha and Pauline why they never talked to each other. Chichiro wishes that she and Youricha will have a good time in the match. Youricha thanks Chichiro, which made Pauline hearing her voice for the first time. Chichiro reminds that the 4 will sleep in the same room in the Cloud Castle above the Amber Region. Youricha reveals that she went to the Cloud Castle many times. Pauline breaks the fourth wall by asking if they want to end the episode. Chichiro asks if they have any last line for the episode. Youricha volunteers to do it. She asked Alex for dramatic effects and then she said:

"Later, we will have this important battle in the stadium. Then after our battle. We could go to the coffee shop in Amber Region since the Cloud Castle is above the grassy field near Amber town. If you're gonna ask: 'How on Earth can we go to Amber Region? There is a huge cliff between Perfect Region and Amber region. Is it possible to jump? Is it possible build a bridge?' Well the answer is: NOWe cannot jump or build a bridge. You have the laboratory in front of the bakery, right? We could just go there and Teleport to the Amber region and then we arrive in Chrono Uzumaki's laboratory. Then we can go straight to the Cloud Castle and teleport from the Uzumaki Castle to the Cloud Castle. Now, it seems that everything is settled. But... let me ask you guys one question: Are we done now?" 

Later, the electric fan automatically turns off by itself and Youricha ends the episode by saying: "No, seriously guys. Are we done in this episode now? Yes? Okay we're done."

Well.. Guess that's pretty much it! Oh yeah, how do you like Makino's speech at the end? Sounds pretty dramatic, I guess? Oh yeah, for those who didn't know, Youricha's surname is Makino.  

Do you want a spoiler for the next episode? No? Okay. So just wait for the next episode. 

I hope everyone's still reading the Yuri-rated version of OMPT, Oh! My Perfect 10: YURI! To read from Part 1, click here ----> gyurikitsunextreme.deviantart.…

Oh! My Perfect 10: YURI! Part 1Pam was eating her lunch at home alone. Nobody was alone except for Pam. The rest went to somewhere interesting for the weekend.
Estrelleta arrived from the bakery. "Hi Pam, you seem very lonely since the rest are enjoying their three day vacation."
"It's okay, I usually spend the weekend home alone." Pam said.
"You should explore the world outside, not just being alone here doing nothing." Estrelleta said.
"Well, I have no idea where to go," Pam said.
"I see." Estrelleta said. "Tell me where we wanna go when you have an idea."
"Pam started blushing and is unable to speak. However she started speaking when Estrelleta is about to go to her room to change, "Unnie, I was wondering that maybe---"
"Yes?" Estrelleta said with a smile.
"I was wondering if we can just walk in the nearby park!" Pam yelled.
"I-I-I understand if you don't want to!" Pam said as her face turned pure red.
"No, that's fine!" Estrelleta said. "I just wanna have fun, that's all."
"Really? You'll come with me?" Pam said

Oh! My Perfect 10: YURI! Part 2Sophia started squealing with joy. "Thank you! Thank you so much!"
Fionah whispered, "Don't you think Sophia's a bit---"
"That's fine." Pauline said.
Meanwhile, Estrelleta and Pam arrived at the park. They bought ice cream and sat down on the bench near the fountain. A drop of water from the fountain hit Pam's cheek.
"Ugh! I'm getting soaked soon!" Pam said.
"Here, use my handkerchief." Estrelleta said.
"No thanks, I wiped it off, see?" Pam said.
Estrelleta laughed, "I see."
However more drops of water started to land on Pam's face making her feel annoyed. Estrelleta started wiping Pam's facewith her handkerchief.
Pam blushed, "Thanks."
"You're welcome," Estrelleta said.
An hour later, everyone arrived home. Reina was putting the books in the shelf. The books on her hand fell.  Sophia rushed to catch them but Raisa caught them first.
"You should ask someone for help, Reina." Raisa said.
"Yeah, maybe next time. Thanks for helping me though." Reina said.
They both giggled and Raisa
Oh! My Perfect 10: YURI! Part 3"Since Estrelleta's not here, maybe we can just make out for a while?"
"Wait... W-w-what?!"
"Please? Just for a while?"
Raisa kissed Pam's lips. But Pam got away from her a minute later.
"What was that for?!" Pam yelled.
"It's just... you're cute." Raisa said.
Pam blushed. The pulse of her own heart started to beat too fast.
"I-I don't ge tit. You kissed me because I'm cute?!" Pam said.
Raisa nodded. Pam approached her slowly. The two started to make out. A minute later, Estrelleta arrived. The two stopped kissing and started laying down.
"Hey guys, sorry I arrived late since Edward asked me to eat dinner with him."
Pam and Raisa kept silent for a while.
"Wait a minute, what are you two doing before I get here?" Estrelleta asked.
"Nothing." Raisa asked.
"Are you two... kissing?" Estrelleta asked.
"Well... I can explain." Pam said.
"Umm... Well I'll just sleep with Edward for the rest of the night." Estrelleta said awkwardly as she left the room.
Raisa and Pam kept silent after
Oh! My Perfect 10: YURI! Part 4Meanwhile, Raisa was about to go out and get some fresh air. Reina took a picture of Raisa and followed her outside. "Hey Raisa!" Reina yelled as she approached Raisa.
"Oh hey, what's up?" Raisa asked.
"Not much." Reina said as she sat on the bench.
"A beautiful breeze here, isn't it?" Raisa asked.
"Yup. Oh hey, mind if I take a picture of you?" Reina asked as she took out her phone from her pocket.
"Sure, why not?" Raisa said.
"Alright! Smile for the camera!" Reina yelled.
The photo's gonna be a nice shot until..
"CHEESE!" Sophia yelled while the phone makes a capture sound.
The 3 were silent after that. 3 seconds later, Reina jumped to the other side but failed to have a perfect shot. The photo was blurry.
"What the hell?! You don't like me?!" Sophia said after Reina landed awfully.
"No, I do." Reina said.
"Oh... I see." Sophia said awkwardly.
"You're going to apologize? There's no need to!" Raisa said.
Sophia angrily glared at Raisa, "May I have a word with you in a minute?!"
Oh! My Perfect 10: YURI! Part 5"It's few days before Valentines Day. I have to give you these in advance." Estrelleta said.
"Oh." Pam said and she giggled.
Meanwhile, Sophia was about to enter the room until she saw a note from Pauline on the door.
"Hey, thanks for reading this note, Soph. Once you get in, look at your table. I left something there. -Pauline."
Sophia blushed after reading the note. She was also surprised to see Pauline like this. Sophia slowly went inside and walked towards the table.
"Is this the item what Pauline left me? Oh... there's another note here..." Sophia said.
"Hey Soph, since it's almost Valentines day, I wanted to give you this item. Go ahead! Open the box and the surprise will spring out!" I hope you'll enjoy it. -Pauline."
Sophia opened the box and something sprang out from the box.
"Roses are red, Violets are blue, you're my only one and I love you! -Pauline"
Sophia started to cry because she was touched of Pauline's note. Pauline entered the room with sur
Oh! My Perfect 10: YURI! Part 6Meanwhile, on the next day, Jianne was taking pictures of Fionah in the garden. When Jianne was about to take a picture...
"Jianne? Hey! Come Here! Enjoy the fresh air here!" Fionah said.
"Oh okay, as you wish." Jianne said as she walked towards Fionah.
"So what's up with you today?" Fionah asked.
"Oh.. Just enjoying the fresh air of the garden." Jianne said.
"Oh... I see." Fionah said.
Jianne blushed. "Hey Fion, since Valentines is almost near, can we go to the park later? or tomorrow?"
"Sure why not?" Fionah said.
"Thanks." Jianne said. "Oh and here's the bracelet I made for you/."
"Thanks." Fionah said as she wore the bracelet.
Raisa arrived at the garden.
"Hey guys, I planted all of those plants here. Do you like it?" Raisa asked.
"I planted those too." Reina said.
"Oh yeah." Raisa said.
"Go ahead, let's sit down and enjoy the butterflies around us." Reina said.
"Hey Reina, have you tried kissing that special person you love?" Jianne asked as they all sat down.
Reina started blushi

Oh! My Perfect 10: YURI! Part 7Pam started shivering. "I made out with Raisa while you're gone."
"Sounds hot."
"Is Raisa sleeping with Reina right now?"
"What a relief. She kissed me. I refused because I love you--"
"Hey, I know already." Estrelleta said as she leaned on Pam. "You were stalking me, aren't you?"
Pam blushed. "Well..."
Estrelleta grabbed Pam's phone.
"Hey my phone!" Pam yelled.
Estrelleta smiled. "You really like me, don't you?"
"Yeah, I set you as my wallpaper on my phone."
Estrelleta returned the phone to the table. She leaned again and kissed Pam passionately.
"U-u-unnie?!" Pam yelled.
"I love you, Pam." She whispered.
"I love you too, unnie." Pam responded while blushing. The two started kissing with passion.
It was a minute until Estrelleta stopped.
"Again..." Pam said. The two started kissing again. They sent out soft moans. Pam started crossing her legs and arms around Estrelleta real tight, making Estrelleta swishing her tongue violently, The moans were going louder.
Estrelleta was abo

Oh! My Perfect 10: YURI! Part 8But Pam suddenly woke up. "Did someone say that I look like a baby when I sleep?"
"Go to sleep now, Pam." Raisa said.
"Okay, good night." Pam said.
Estrelleta started petting Pam like a cat.
"Hey can we do something really naughty tonight?" Raisa asked.
"No!" Estrelleta yelled.
"Okay? Good night." Raisa said.
On the next day, Sophia entered the room of Raisa, Pam and Estrelleta. "Wake up idiots! Breakfast is ready!" She yelled.
"Why the hell are you yelling?!" Pam asked.
"Sorry! I was about to wake you up nicely." Sophia said.
"Yeah, right." Estrelleta said.
"Anyways, Fionah prepared breakfast for us. Make sure you get down for 5 seconds!" Sophia said.
Fionah busted in the room, "Don't listen to this crazy girl, Estrelleta! She's just like that because Reina didn't give her something for Valentines!"
"Alright girls, we'll be down just wait for a few minutes!" Raisa said.
After Raisa closed the door, Sophia's voice was overheard downstairs, "HURRY UP! I'M HUNGRY!"
"Fine! I'll just chang

Oh! My Perfect 10! YURI: Part 9"What? Got a problem about it?" Sophia asked.
"No." Pam said awkwardly.
"I'm going out." Raisa said.
"Me too." Estrelleta said.
"Hey wait for me!" Pam said as she followed Estrelleta and Raisa out.
"Aaaaaand... they're gone." Pauline said.
"Hey! Are you not gonna eat breakfast?! You'll starve for life!" Sophia yelled at Estrelleta, Raisa and Pam but no response. "They didn't answer me!" She fumed.
"Oh no, here we go again." Pauline said.
"Hey we should calm her down." Reina whispered.
"Yeah, but how?" Pauline whispered.
"But how? Kiss her!"
"Both of us? On the cheek?"
"Of course!"
Pauline and Reina rushed to Sophia and kissed her on the cheek.
Sophia calmed down again. "Ah... Romance around my world.."
Estrelleta, Raisa and Pam are sitting at the garden. They met Edward and Dave right after they sat down. "Hey sorry for returning for a long time." Edward said.
Estrelleta hugged Edward, "Where have you been? I missed you."
"Oh, camping. With the rest of the boys. It was fun thou

Oh! My Perfect 10: YURI! Part 10When Raisa turned on the the light, it was Edward.
"W-what the--"
"I was about to drink water as well." Edward said.
Raisa kicked his knee and ran to her room.
Raisa arrived and hugged Estrelleta.
"Your Korean boyfriend is stalking me!" Raisa yelled and hugged Estrelleta tight.
Pam also hugged Raisa. "What did he do?" Estrelleta asked.
"He hugged me from behind and kissed me!" Raisa answered.
Estrelleta laughed. "He usually does that to me sometimes."
"But he's creepy! What do you like about him?!" Raisa asked.
"No, he's not. He wants to be loved. The thing I like about him is that he is really sweet. He often gives me a gift." Estrelleta said. She kissed Raisa on the cheek. Raisa fell asleep on Estrelleta's arms.
"Hey hold her. I'll talk to Edward, okay?" Estrelleta said.
"Okay unnie." Pam said.
Estrelleta was about to go down until she met Edward on the stairs.
"Hey, can we talk?" Estrelleta asked.
"Sure." Edward said.
"Why did you do that? Raisa's scared of you."
"Oh.. It's because

Oh! My Perfect 10: YURI! Part 11Reina was waiting for Raisa to come at the park.
"Hey Reina!" Raisa yelled.
"Oh hey! Just in time!" Reina said.
"I guess so.." Raisa said.
"So what's up?" Reina asked.
"Well... Estrelleta's boyfriend is stalking me." Raisa said.
"Edward? But why?" Reina asked.
"I don't know." Raisa said.
Jianne arrived, "Hey I'm taking a short break right now so I'll be in the park."
"Err.. You ARE in the park." Raisa said.
"Anyways, there's this person here and that person is the best for me! And that person is..."
Jianne turned around and saw Sophia.
"Sophia?! Hell no! You like her?!" Raisa asked.
"Yes, even though she's a person who nags a lot? or someone who has mood swings or something." Jianne said.
"I think I'm going to puke." Reina said.
"Me too!" Raisa said.
"Guys!" Jianne yelled. "Sigh... what is wrong with them?"
"Ji, Fionah's good for you! Not that... NAGGING LADY!" Reina yelled.
"Oh, break time's over, I'll go now." Jianne said then she left.
"That was stupid." Raisa said.
"No, not

It's still work in progress though. Anyways, read the full episode of 19 and 20 RIGHT NOW!

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I used to make animations but I quit. So I decided to make artworks, stories etc...

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