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Hey guys, sorry for the inactivity. Well, because I'm currently in 10th Grade and you know there's so much to do. I also have exams coming up next week. (Hooray for Arithmetic and Geometric Series, Sequences and shit) and I had connection problems at home just yesterday and I can only log in into Facebook. -_- Well currently, I'm in the Internet Cafe. I'll get back when the Internet comes back. I'll see what I can do. I might post some animations as well soon as I get back from this...prison cell or something.

I'm still available in Wattpad. Don't worry, I'll continue updating 'em.

On the update of Redemption: The Video Game, it is expected that it will finish and release next year and the tentative release date is on my birthday, which is May 16.

I might finish earlier than that.
Okay, I'm getting myself confused about the connections of When The Stars Go Up, Redemption and Battle Of The Gods. Okay, let me clarify everything and maybe reveal some secrets. Wink/Razz Wink/Razz Wink/Razz Wink/Razz Wink/Razz 

First of all, let's start with the characters. It is CLEAR that the Freelancer of Hydain Region from Battle of The Gods is the ancestor of Alphonse Region's Brawler of Knowledge, Estrelleta. As well as the White Mage being Raisa's ancestor. 

Now, what does this leave Pam (Yes, that's me.)? Well, her ancestor is somewhat probably legendary. You may also think that the 'goddess' disguised herself as the Fire Brawler who shares the same name as her. It is still unknown for you, for this I have to confirm some things.

In the Wattpad story,  Sweating a little...  Redemption: Life of Brawlers, it is revealed that Shaira, Psychic-Wind Brawler is the adoptive sister of Water Knight Brawlers' boxing champion, Jenine and her stepsister Real, who is a Water-Grass Brawler (However, Jona refers Real as a POISON-Grass Brawler. There is speculation that Real might be a ONE-THIRD). Shrug 

Tal, a Neon-Water Hybrid has a younger sister named Sophia, a Grass-Water Hybrid Brawler. The two are the lineal descendants of Mirajane Sanders of Battle of The Gods. Oops! Oops! Oops! 

Raisa is Jona's long-lost cousin, which may explain their similar moves and fighting skills. At the same time Jona somehow related to the White Mage.

Kesh, one of the members of the UFF agents is the descendant of an antagonist from Battle of The Gods of the Same name, The same person who wanted the White Mage dead.

Now for Pam again, it might be possible that she might be related to Raisa, linking her to the White Mage or possibly a linear descendant of Youricha Makino through her brother, Sojirou, who also had blood red eyes and black hair. Or there could a possibility that she might be related to Raizo Shinsuke, thus linking her to Estrelleta's boyfriend, Kyle, a descendant of Raizo's son, who shares the same name as the brawler of Alphonse Region.

This might also be because Kyle is also a Fire Brawler but his Secondary Ability is unknown.

Naive was created by Kenneth Uzumaki of the Amberous region along with fellow experiment Chrono, Gyuri's future and soon-to-be ex-boyfriend. After Chrono and Naive's escape and alliance with the UFF, Kenneth soon created a robot named Jhel, also known as Naive 2.0, who had a mission and didn't return home, thinking it was defeated for no good.

Now after that incident, Gyuri and her brother Sachiriku Uzumaki or Riku were born, then Kenneth brought in Aaron, Davichi and Mayarin or Maya from his last marriage.

There could be a possibility that Gyuri and her current boyfriend might be the great-great-great-great (Let's just stop here. Sweating a little...) grandparents of Pam, which her red eyes and fire powers may be inherited from the kitsune, black hair from the werewolf. 

Gyuri also has an adopted sister named Rina, who is quite childlike but has the big brains (In Witnessing The Painful Past, Gyuri was around 15 or 16 years old at that time while Rina was 10 years old and they were even batch mates). Pearl Emote 11 

Oh yeah and before I forget, Amberous Region and Alphonse Region used to be one before an earthquake struck and caused the two regions to separate.

You might know some of these on my early journal entries regarding When The Stars Go Up. Now if you have some questions, it may be one of these:

1. What are the differences of Redemption and Oh! My Perfect 10!?

Okay.. So earlier I announced Redemption as a better and and updated version of Oh! My Perfect 10. Actually, let me rephrase that.

Oh! My Perfect 10! tells the events before Redemption. As you noticed that Alphonse Region was once called Perfect Region. Alnwick Town was Perfect Town and other more stuff. 

There were 10 Major Characters during the earlier time but on Redemption, only few of the originals were able to make it due to a strong earthquake and were presumably dead, except for Pauline, who was brutally murdered before the disaster.

2. What actually happened to Jhel after the mission briefings? How did Naive find her?

= The mission was not stated as well as the reason for her disappearance, it could be possible that the mission might be extremely dangerous for the newborn robot. She was found by Naive and Jona, accusing the Water Brawler as the major reason of 'destroying' her unnamed city, (The city was frozen during Jona's fight with the Dark Kitsune as Icezoid, a giant spiky monster, the same 'monster' </acronym> who appeared in Space God Dentriou's dream in Battle of The Gods, who turns out to be Lady Jona of the Water Goddesses.) possibly where she was raised after her mission. Naive defends the Ice Brawler by saying that Jona didn't freeze her city and let the people die of coldness and the two robots engage in a combat. Soon after the combat, Naive discovers that she was the 'Lost Robot' from from her creator's lab. 

That's all I would like to share today. Don't worry, there's still part 2 of it. FnaF Icon - Vincent (Happy) FnaF Icon - Vincent (Pleased) 
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You know me as the creator of Redemption, Battle of The Gods & When The Stars Go Up. I'm a huge Nintendo fan since 2004. I mostly draw Super Smash Bros stuff, mostly the Super Bash Sisters.

I don't draw only, I also write stories. I make stories of Battle of The Gods, Redemption and When The Stars Go Up. However they halted due to a fan fiction I made about Super Smash Bros starring :iconrosalinaplz: and :iconladypalutenaplz:. The titles are: The Galaxy Princess and The Goddess of Light and Keep Me Closer (The Galaxy Princess and The Goddess of Light 2) on Wattpad.

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