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Hey guys! Pam here and it's been a while posting some journals like this is DeviantART. I wanted to post this is Facebook but I feel too uncomfortable posting this in my notes since a lot of people will see it and they would probably laugh at it.

So these those dreams which are appearing few days ago:


It was already late at night when I was watching Creepypasta videos (Possibly by 10 PM or 11) at a Saturday night. After watching some videos of a creepypasta called Sonic.EXE, I finally prepared myself to go to sleep.

However, as I close the light, I was nervous because something might pop out in the dark of my room or something creepy might be staring at me outside my window. It feels like I'm being watched in the night. I felt like I was about to get killed by a stalker of mine. I finally got to bed, placed a pillow by my side, pulled up my blanket but I had this strange feeling so I stayed wide awake for like 15-40 minutes.

Finally, there came the time that I finally shut my eyes. Then I felt this strange falling sensation. I landed on something hard yet ticklish. Kinda feels like grass. I see nothing. Nothing but pitch-black. Then I heard growling noises everywhere. I started walking straight since I don't know where to go. Then the light flickered on and off. It stayed the same for 10 seconds until the light stopped flickering and it was finally on. I was horrified to see my dreamland. The sky was red, the buildings were damaged as if an earthquake struck the city and were either black or greyish. It looked like everything was on fire.

I started running away. It took 5 minutes to run away from the city until I found an exit but when I ran to the exit, I bumped to something invisible and hard then I passed out.

When I woke up, everything again was in pitch-black. Then the lights turned on. It looked like I was in a museum and it was badly damaged. This museum was so familiar that I felt like I was here before. I walked straight upstairs and I saw nothing but pitch-black. The door slammed by itself and I can't see anything. As I took a step, I suddenly tripped going down and down realizing that I tripped on the stairs.

As my ass landed on the ground painfully, I saw a small beam of light far ahead. As I walked towards it, the beam of light became bigger and someone familiar was crouching over there.

If you know Raisa from my stories and comics, she was the one crouching under the beaming light. I slowly approached her and I was nervous. I also wondered what was she doing there in the middle of the disaster. As my hand reached her shoulder, she suddenly disappeared! I suddenly panicked because she was no longer there and I'm all alone again.

I turned around and I see a horrifying version of Raisa. The sleeves of her jacket were torn and there were bloodstains everywhere. She also gave me that horrifying grin and Oh My God! The eyes! The eyes were exactly like Sonic.EXE's! The beam of light suddenly expanded and the room was already lit. I saw corpses of people in dreamland and it was horrifying. I started crying to see Estrelleta's corpse lying on the ground. She has a lot of slashes on her arm and her stomach was cut open. It also looked like she was strangled by someone.

She's no longer here. You're next. Goodbye forever.

Then I woke up from my sleep. I was curious what happens to me next.


A few days after the nightmare, I had another one which I would never forget.

The same thing happened to me. I felt another falling sensation but I landed on the a cemented area. I got up, wiped off the cement but it wasn't successful. I went straight ahead to see where I am right now. I was in dreamland again but this time, it looked peaceful than last time. I was happy to see all the people playing with each other with joy, Birds happily chirping and children playing on the pond. 

I went to the park, I saw Estrelleta sitting alone near the pond where children were playing. I greeted her but she didn't respond. Red marks were seen on her neck. I was shocked to see the rest of her body were covered in cuts. As I walked to her front, her eyes were bloodshot and her pupils were beady. I shook her body until her head tilted up, facing me.

I was there, begging for help but you were not there. I thought I was your friend but you left me alone. Now that you left me alone, I got tortured and killed by that DEMON!
Demon? Who was she talking about? Is she referring to Raisa? That can't be. Raisa and Estrelleta were best friends! It's a stupid thing that Raisa actually murdered her best friend.

Get ready for your approaching death, Pam.

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Hi my name is Pam.. a.k.a Gyuri or Gyul.

I am the one who created the series: Oh! My Perfect 10! and now the revived series: When The Stars Go Up!

I often write stories about the 2 series and I also make fake screenshots using Paint.NET

I am a huge fan of Bentley Jones and SNSD a.k.a Girls' Generation

I used to make animations but I quit. So I decided to make artworks, stories etc...

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